REDCATT is a privately held, international company, established in 2014.

The  objective was to create a true state of the art facility focusing on production quality audio products. REDCATT has heavily invested into hi-tech manufacturing technologies, quality control equipment and software, as well as into modern design software solutions for FEM, CAD and acoustic modeling.

The company has strong financial backing and established key vendor relationships, as well as extensive long term financing available for our future growth.



We quickly determined that the single most important element to a successful venture in China was having a physical presence, hence our desire to not only be here, but to build a manufacturing facility from the ground up.

We know what the common issues are. We know how to address them and what is required to provide clarity, higher quality and deliver on the promise of competitive pricing.


Your company’s experienced engineers and sourcing staff will find REDCATT’s Manufacturing and Quality Control system to be extremely unique in our industry, and it should be as it was designed and coded to our specifications. Our system gives us full control and traceability over received and processed material. It records all operations on the production floor and provides detailed tracking down to component level. No other factory in the industry has this capability.




We are an engineering based organization focused on manufacturing transducers and speaker systems, delivering the highest quality, consistency and valued products.

We sell the loudspeakers under REDCATT brand, or work with customers on OEM / ODM projects



The core management team at REDCATT has been sourcing and building transducer components, sub-assemblies and systems in China for over 25 years. We have direct experience with the challenges and risks of sourcing parts in China. Our factory, our communications style and business culture represent our experience and our desire to be “easy to work with”. To that end, we strive to be direct and transparent in all aspects of our customer relationships.

Our team has extensive experience in the audio industry in all engineering and development stages - from design and development to quality control and manufacturing. Our combined knowledge ensures we can design and produce the best speakers and systems while meeting your cost targets.

Our team members have been working all around the world for the biggest players in the audio market with direct R&D and manufacturing experience from companies like Mackie Designs, RCF, B&C Speakers, Rode Microphones, Event Electronics, etc., providing R&D engineering or setting up production facilities in Australia, Czech Republic, Italy, USA, and of course China.




We do provide design and manufacturing services for transducers and speaker systems, delivering the highest quality, consistency and valued products




REDCATT is focused on the design and manufacturing of audio transducers and turn key speaker systems for both the professional and consumer market segments of the audio industry.

Apart of speakers manufactured under REDCATT brand, we do also supply OEM / ODM products.


The core engineering and manufacturing management work at REDCATT is managed and executed by staff with over 30 years of transducer design and manufacturing experience in the US, Europe, Australia and China.



  • Transducer Design, Engineering and Manufacturing


  • System enclosure Design, Engineering and Manufacturing


  • Audio Electronic Design, Engineering and Manufacturing


  • Concept, application and costing analysis


  • Motor and transducer modeling


  • Industrial design


  • Mechanical design


  • Transducer Soft part selection and design


  • Prototype assembly and testing


  • Power testing


  • Reliability testing


  • Costing, budgeting and bill of material analysis


  • Detailed manufacturing and quality control plan


  • Procurement, scheduling and delivery





Our offices were designed to provide a comfortable working environment for all REDCATT employees , customers and outside staff. The design is fresh, modern, with personal touch. The floor has fully air conditioned environment, large R&D section & equipped fully equipped testing lab.


We are strategically located east of Dongguan, in Dalang Town, 45mins from Shenzhen and nearby beautiful SongShan Lake, in the middle of the triangle Shenzhen- Donguuan - Gunagzhou, making the visits to our facility convenient for all of our guests.


Initial factory floor space is 2600m2 . Divided into 650m2 for offices and 1950m2 for manufacturing. We have the option for expansion in our current building up to 11,000m2.


The factory is in the newly opened Hi-Tech industrial zone focused on Medical Industry product manufacturing.


Our production floor design and layout is based on the “traceability” requirements of our Quality Control focused manufacturing system.


The Production floor is fully air conditioned, unique to the traditional assembly lines found in China. This is a very important feature as we place high importance to ensure that the environmental conditions are stable and controlled year round, ensuring the curing conditions for adhesives are met and maintained.


Dust and pollen filters help to minimize the foreign particles that could cause trouble in magnetic gaps and lower the visual appearance of production products.



We are equipped with the latest Klippel QC systems (4x), Klippel LST and Klippel Power Testing. Our Klippel systems ensure we can constantly and precisely monitor the quality of all incoming soft transducer components as well as produced products.


Mechanical assurance is implemented using calibrated 3D metrology inspection equipment, capable of automatic part measurements using non-contact or flying probe techniques. Our equipment can measure with 0.0001mm precision, and can test products as large as a 21inch woofer.


The reliability testing thermal chamber works in the range of -40 to +150 degC and up to 99%RH, is combined with UV-B testing. We have also implemented a best in class XRF analyzer that can not only analyze the RoHs content, but also measure the thickness of the plating, and can recognize and analyze up to 4 over plated layers.


Our list of equipment is exhaustive and includes stand alone UV-A test equipment, tensile strength equipment (force 10,000N max), Color Assessment Cabinets, Salinity Spray test equipment. We are also poised to add test equipment as required on a project basis.




Our offices were designed to provide a comfortable working environment for all REDCATT employees , customers and outside staff.


The design is fresh, modern, with personal touch. The floor has fully air conditioned environment, large R&D section & equipped fully equipped testing lab.


We currently have 3 transducer production lines. One for tweeters, compression drivers and microphones, the second for small to large woofers. The third production line is specialty production line designed for high precision assembly of tweeter domes and compression driver domes. Our daily capacity is 7,000 loudspeakers.


The audio system assembly line is designed as multi-purpose production line, providing a flexible assembly area depending on our needs.

We are the only China based manufacturer capable off 100% incoming inspection on all received production material.





Our quality controls reflect our experience and knowledge gathered over the countless hours spent on production floors all around the world solving manufacturing issues and implementing quality standards.





We knew the shortcomings of implementing common quality approaches to modern transducer assembly. We wanted to create something new, that would gives us deeper control over all the challenges faced in speaker manufacturing...


The basis of this control at REDCATT is found in our quality control and production control software application. A massive in-house project for our software team to code and implement; it embraces all of our ideas and is easily adaptable to our clients specific needs.


Our software infrastructure controls all processes in our factory in a unique interactive manner which keeps operators engaged and accountable. Incoming goods, parts handling trough the factory, final assembly data recording, outgoing inspection, shipping, etc. All operations are recorded in a detailed manner while in the factory.


We are intimately familiar with the common challenges faced by a manufacturer in managing the component supply chain, monitoring parts quality, controlling dispensed adhesives, overseeing curing times and environments, managing work flow, efficiencies and the overall quality of the work.


Current deployed quality control systems heavily depend on the ability and willingness of operators to follow and respect them while sometimes the printed instructions are hard to control and invite deviation and floating away from minimum standards.


From the beginning, it’s our view that processes based on printed instructions and directions open the door to errors and do not cultivate a culture of consistency .


Our system generates data that provides the lineage and history of each assembly and the components within each assembly providing, complete and in-depth quality certification.






Because we captured relevant data at every step, we are able to see if dimensions and tolerances are drifting.

We can correlate these drifts with the acoustical performance data of the transducer and determine the impact on consistency and quality. This data is shared with your engineering staff to determine future design changes that may yield improved consistency or even higher performance levels.


We do this with all processes including adhesives amounts for each operation, we know how long each dispensed adhesives has cured. We capture all testing data and monitor all trends in real time. This allows us to track the status and relate it to schedules and delivery dates.


All REDCATT production line work stations have a full PC setup and large LCD screen featuring visualized work instructions and production data recording.

Visualized work instructions are easier to see, and contain highly detailed instructions in comparison to commonly used paper SOPs.

Each work station also has a "training" mode dedicated to the product being assembled, the machinery, jigs and tools being used for production. This system ensures each operator is well trained for the job, the specific task is detailed and correctly described, and that the operator sees the latest approved instructions for his or her task.


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